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4 world LOB -> Group of people for world community benefit -> Live and current Video streaming to the world -> Search anything in world -> Buy anything in world -> Vouchers and discounts in world -> Put blog for world -> Put update for world -> Best things and info for world -> Publish and broadcast anything for world -> List and advertise anything for world -> Join and connect to world -> Money and pay to world -> Mobile apps for world -> India community in world -> Shopping anything in world -> Help everyone in world -> Network all in world -> Services for world -> Web services for world -> Registry for world

Charity LOB -> We are together> For the youth> Live Life -> Help within 24 hours

Ecommerce LOB -> Everything 50% off> 24 Hours deals

City LOB -> All about Toronto -> All about Dubai -> All about Mumbai

IT TEACH LOB -> IT training and resources -> IT services -> IT training -> IT learning

Defects LOB -> Open defects from around the world

India LOB -> New india -> Desi community

Website Design LOB -> $99 Website design for north america -> $99 Mobile App design for north america -> $99 Mobile App design for north america -> Rupee 999 Website design for India -> Rupee 999 Mobile App design for India

5 LOB -> Top 5 to trade -> Top 5 to business -> Top 5 for direct buy and delivery -> Best 5 guide and info

Mobile LOB -> Mobile apps

Consult LOB -> Consultancy

Review LOB -> Review

Cloud LOB -> Cloud -> Cloud data for world

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